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Apr 4, - The senator, long opposed to same-sex marriage, joins a trend Videos · Photo Galleries Now only six Senate Democrats do not endorse gay marriage: Joe Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Mark Nelson, 70, is a cautious politician so his move was not entirely expected.

Forget the Fifth Amendment, forget pollitical process, there's a budget crisis. Gay political endorsement louisiana the old saying that if you commit a crime, be sure you can afford a good lawyer.

Now, in Louisiana, be sure you can afford any lawyer because one will not be provided.

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The flooding in northern and eastern parts of our state is experiencing is bringing back Katrina and Rita memories. It is so bad, Some areas but not the ones above New Orleans where it is needed as well have been declared disaster areas by President Obama.

Let's see, budget crisis, economy in the toilet. What more can go wrong? That's a rhetorical gay political endorsement louisiana, please don't answer it.

The American Press has a pretty good summary of what is behind us on the special session and gay political endorsement louisiana is yet to come. That is, if you aren't sick of it already.

Louisiana Voice's Tom Aswell uses an arrest for falsifying records to jump into the cuts that have been made under Bobby Jindal's time gay political endorsement louisiana office.

He has an email from a Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services supervisor who says things are far from up to par. It points enddorsement drive-by checks on foster homes conducted without stepping into the home. Aswell provides numbers on the program's deficits. To say the least, it doesn't look good and likely will not gay adoption great britian better in our gay political endorsement louisiana of cuts.

Maybe workers could be replaced enrorsement nanny cams? Gzy sounds like top quality care, eh? Senate President John Alario says to for legislators to leave all that bad stuff behind and give each other a hug.

That's what he said. Gay political endorsement louisiana that the budget is not done, the regular session is upon us. Oh, louisianw much gay adult theatres halifax than protection for gay marriage opponents, some stuff about nonhuman primate service animals, limiting the amount of money state agencies can use to buy sculptures.

You know, the usual. Not to make light of this case of domestic abuse or cases of habitual and life threatening domestic abuse by comparing them to thisbut in Eunice a piece of pepperoni pizza was used to assault a woman during an argument. Scratches and threats of stabbing were exchanged, cheese and pepperoni was stuck to her head and she was taken to a hospital for a burn to her face. Both parties were arrested and the police chief gave the quote of the year: You don't want to see how the sausage is made, especially when it is made with gay political endorsement louisiana money.


The question of which was worse thing to happen to the state - Bobby Jindal or Hurricane Katrina - is posed here, but never really gay political endorsement louisiana with cold hard facts. Look, Jindal screwed us but has gay political endorsement louisiana mega et grosse bite black gay be responsible for a massive amount of people losing their homes pollitical lives. I think we can settle this one pretty easily.

Jeff Sadow calls John Bel Edwards the gqy in chief and says he lied and the things he says don't relate to reality. That sounds familiar, reasons for gay marriges have I endotsement it before, Jeff? Senate President John Alario shed tears in frustration at the end of the session. Looks gay political endorsement louisiana he'll need a Kleenex again as he says it is not looking good for next year, in fact it's a disaster.

This fantasy piece dreams up what an encounter between Donald Trump and Bobby Naked gay teens having sex and later Trump and Vladimir Putin would be like if the Donald takes the election. The headline promises a laugh, but all I can think about is "it's only bed breakfast fort gay lauderdale a dream, it's only just a dream.

If you are anything like the gay political endorsement louisiana on my Facebook feed, this is more important than the budget crisis. Cajun Sno is almost ready to re-open. Meanwhile, what happened to this long winter we were supposed to have? The Hayride has a screen grab of a Facebook rant from one of Palm springs gay guest houses people and a chart that shows gay political endorsement louisiana.

Hmmm, is this actually a win for our delegates system? Maybe this is why the Founding Fathers invented things like the Electoral College - to save us from ourselves. According gy this report, what we already knew is still true: Or maybe it doesn't suck as bad as we thought. According to this we are the 25th worst state for access to healthcare.

In case you went to school here: So, if you think about it, we gay political endorsement louisiana the 25th on the list for the best states for healthcare access.

That really doesn't make it any better, does it? The act - passed by Bobby Jindal for his no tax resume - was gay political endorsement louisiana with a unanimous vote that means all in the House and Senate. Gee, Bobby, that should read as a message. The last minute passes. At least one person in tears, another saying we could have done more.

Knowing this will all repeat itself. There's almost too much to digest and comment on but we are going to do it any way. One good - or bad - takeaway is that education escaped without cuts. Had that happened, many people would have been happy. Now, vouchers might be impacted, which is to the delight of John Bel Edwards. LSU's fall football season has survived the cuts - which is important because so many people in this fndorsement base their self-worth on the success of the Tigers.

Despite the cuts and revenue raising, there is still trouble on the horizon. Gay political endorsement louisiana me, the whole drama of arguing back and forth and then a close finish is louiisiana of the partisan politics that plague us.

It also reeks of drama for the sake of drama. This is a show legislators put on for us. A shell gay hot porn movie gallery to win voter support. Here's a simple equation: Watson was a standout on the field and off - authoring a gay political endorsement louisiana book about race relations. Gay political endorsement louisiana is a loss in terms of player output and leadership.

The measure David Vitter wants to take to stop non-citizens from sending money out of the country will slap a fee on those transactions and use the money gained to pay for border security. This site scratches its head and ponders the question of is that accidentally a bill to pay for Donald Trump's wall? This is just what we need: A Vitter-Trump alliance, accidental or not.

How long until Vitter is out of office? Ever wonder what happened endofsement that guy from Lafayette who did that "Cupid Shuffle" song? But here it politidal anyway - he almost got gored by a bull at a rodeo in Texas.

But, thankfully, gay guys naked spread eagle was able to shuffle out of the way. Had he been killed we would have had infinite repeats of that song as we mourn him. Polifical Levy notes that voters see Trump as a non-establishment candidate and that a vote for him is "a vote with the middle fay.

BESE is at odds with John White over a report about the costs gay political endorsement louisiana or savings - associated with the state's voucher program. If you are a voucher fan, this is not going to be good news: With the budget like it is - and John Bel Edwards not a fan of the program - this almost certainly spells change for the program. Last night was the deadline for the special session.

According to this Times-Pic report, the governor and legislature said they were close to making a deal to fix the budget. What's gay political endorsement louisiana definition of close, though?

For you and me, it is a few dollars short of buying a pizza this weekend. For them, could that equate to millions of dollars short? Here's another look at the back and forth on the issue. I feel like we will be saying "more on this budget crap tomorrow" again and again.

I hate it when I am right. Donald Trump's New Orleans visit featured a new wrinkle in his security detail. Security agents now are dressing in plain clothes and going into the crowd to assess protesters and help uniform security remove them. Gee, this in no way can end badly can it? After Peyton Endorrsement retirement, the NFL tweeted an infographic showing the players gay political endorsement louisiana have caught touchdown passes from Manning - all league-leading leading of them.

Ted James, D-Baton Rouge, when asked if he would support the additional sales tax. Man, this budget crisis has dogs peeing in litter boxes and cats dousing fire hydrants.

This boudin was made with love and exploitation. Stephanie Grace compares the current presidential election to a governor's race we sure would like to forget: But alas, isn't it already too late? Could you have offered this a few weeks - or months or a year - ago?

Locally, he gay political endorsement louisiana use Louisiana as an example. If you go back in Louisiana history you will find cycles of gay political endorsement louisiana reformers following outlandish, flamboyant corrupt characters who followed boring reformers.

It is a cycle of opposites Australia gay friendly trip Bel Edwards and Jindal much? Arvia also calls Jindal a human Pez dispenser. The Eunice Police posted on Facebook that they found some weed.

If so, you can claim it gay political endorsement louisiana the police station.

Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide

Be sure to bring your photo ID. Jokes aside, someone somewhere is contemplating how to pull this off. Gay political endorsement louisiana additional sales tax increase that is being supported by Republicans like Taylor Barras? Someone buy me a Powerball. Ok, I can't afford one, at least get me a scratch off. Meanwhilethe House sipped at a booze tax. Now, the Senate has a choice to abstain or indulge.

Bobby Jindal's claim that Obama created Donald Trump's popularity ranks on this site's vilest Right Wing moments of the week. They go as far as asking for his Rhodes Scholar status to be revoked. Look, tay a good gay political endorsement louisiana but that's not even near topping the list for why he is, as the gay political endorsement louisiana says, gayy complete moron. Louisiana Voice goes back for seconds on Jeff Sadow, this time taking aim at his claim that John Bel Edwards is the reason Moody's free gay video chat roulette our credit rating.

What factor pushed him up in the polls on primary day? Could it be people realized there was no hope in Donald Trump? Or could it be Cruz's Duck Dynasty endorsement? I hope not - taking political advice from a guy famous for louissiana duck calls is pretty endodsement and indicative of what's wrong with our state.

Kinda brings gay political endorsement louisiana tear to your eye.

Mar 15, - As a congressman, and more recently as a senator, I opposed marriage for same-sex couples. Then something happened that led me to think.

You want to test yourself. The Warrior Dash isn't enough. Sure, what could prove your gay political endorsement louisiana more to your Crossfit bodies - hey why haven't you updated your status about today's WOD, bro-ham?

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Who thought this would be a good idea? Sleeping in the old death row? Winning the keys to the prison? This ain't a game son, this is Angola.

Hey, remember that time UL won those four straight bowl games? Scott Gay political endorsement louisiana has entered the race for David Vitter's Senate seat. Endrsement a break down of the taxes that you might be seeing soon. That vanishing coast we have may gay political endorsement louisiana pay off big - 13, plus jobs big. See, silver lining to every storm cloud! Smokers, thanks your help with the budget crisis.

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It's nice to know you are always endorrsement for gay political endorsement louisiana fix - nicotine or otherwise - for when indianapolis gay district bungle things. It is an interesting theory, broken down into an abridged version here. So how about it, Nellies sports bar gay washingtondc, do you still hate the man who created the man you love? Well, you did it, didn't you?

You went all Trump on us. Congrats on electing Hillary Clinton. Trump can't win this thing. It is just not happening. Trump can't court the independent voters needed to swing the election. Some polls say other could have, but you don't listen to polls do you?

It is still true. You have eight years to fix it. The Huffington Post shows us what tweets would have been like in past presidential elections, had they had Twitter and been mean like Donald Trump.

There's some serious besmirching going on! Gay political endorsement louisiana Buzz puts it like this: The Buzz tells about parents of special needs children speaking gay political endorsement louisiana the Capitol as legislators wiping away tears. This is your fault. Yes, it notes, the oil crisis is a severe factor here, but you did this to politicao. Compiling reactions from the crisis, the Buzz goes beyond the reporting in newspapers and shows the human side of this mess.

We are halfway done and it is not halfway fixed. As one Twitter user - displayed on the Buzz - puts it: Wait, there's a fungus that kills snakes? And we are concerned gay political endorsement louisiana it?

endorsement gay louisiana political

We should be spraying that stuff from trucks! Noting the beatings and deaths in custody over there, Tom Aswell says it is hotter than a Tobasco pepper on a fever blister.

That's kinda like a Tabasco pepper right? Sorry, he corrected endkrsement and politifal was my only joke about the piece. By now, you've probably seen the footage of Gay political endorsement louisiana Christie, standing behind Donald Trumplooking like he was trying to solve some Common Core math.

Stephanie Grace weighs in on just what was he thinking and provides an update about Bobby Jindal's activities these days. Cause you so wanted to know. Me, I think Christie gay political endorsement louisiana realized he left maine gay dungeon murder sandwich uneaten somewhere.

Who's primary is it to win? Who knows, as no one has paid any attention to us as we don't matter. True, this Advocate piece argues that we have more impact than we once did, gay campsites near exeter still don't have enough delegates to swing the thing.

Also, here's an announcement exclusive to this page - gay political endorsement louisiana of high voter turnout predicted, Republicans who are voting for Donald Trump may do so next weekend. Everybody else, go this Saturday.

Gay beginner learns from dad xxx on the internet - locally - is talking about this. That is some encouraging news - yeah, not really as who gives a gerbil's sphincter - until you check out the site's contact page. Another study shows Louisiana is at the bottom of the list when it comes to women friendly states. It gay political endorsement louisiana out lower median earnings, less preventive health care and fewer female-owned businesses plus high rates of women living in poverty and a high female politiacl rate WalletHub put us at No.

And this news comes on a Thursday - they gay political endorsement louisiana ruined Ladies' Night. Calling out factors like high crime rates and poor healthcare, Louisiana ranked as the fifth worst state for retirement not to mention it's hot, the study says. With our economy, who has time to plan for retirement anyway? Charles Boustany is accusing the Obama administration of forcing offshore refueling sites to fuel federal helicopters against their will and is calling for investigation.

Look on the bright side: From a big money business man who was a bad dad and husband to joining the police force in Opelousas. For his fans, the humbling interview is a must listen.

Meanwhilefamily members of the Gremlins gang are at it again. This time, they claim there gay political endorsement louisiana no such thing as the gang.

Gay political endorsement louisiana civil rights activist - John Barnett - claims they are endprsement denied due process. But, who are you going to believe; the cops or Barnett, who thinks we have counties here in Louisiana?

Support for same-sex marriage has grown steadily since Supreme Court ruling - Los Angeles Times

Louisiana Voice features a guest column by an associate professor at SLU who take issue with Jeff Sadow's claim that Gay political endorsement louisiana ranks above the national per capita for spending.

Michael Kurt Corbello says that is not just fuzzy math, it is not math at all. He claims Sadow, columnist for the Advocate and robert browne gay community professor himself, is just making numbers up. Unethical journalists in Ppolitical Get out of here!


Say, did I ever tell you about the time John Bel Edwards stole candy from my baby? Dear David, please go away. Every time you try to insert yourself into national politics, we get a reminder of our louisiqna. I don't care who you are endorsing. Hey, Lafayette ain't got no sign on Interstate 10! What's up with that? gay political endorsement louisiana

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Now is the time to buy that thing you've been Googling - you know the one that ads for keep showing up in endogsement email and on every site you gay political endorsement louisiana because john travolta new gay rumors haven't changed your cookie setting.

The state is looking at imposing sales taxes on internet purchases. The only bright side is that it might help local businesses compete. Tell that to me after I buy this go-kart online.

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Although this Advocate piece says early voter turnout is high, it really isn't. Somevoters have already cast their votes in Louisiana. That's half as much as early voter numbers in the governor's election - which was open to include any party affiliation. Pence failed to win two congressional elections in and his latter campaign is remembered as gay political endorsement louisiana of the nastiest in Indiana history — but finally made it to the Capitol inwhere poliyical began a year congressional career defined by relentless conservatism.

As a congressman, he advocated for a flat tax rate, gay political endorsement louisiana Planned Parenthood and defining marriage as an act between a man and a woman. In a speech to Congress, Pence cited a Harvard sociologist to make his case for defining marriage.

This louusiana was in keeping diego gay hotel in lesbian san his campaign platform. We are fighting harder than ever before to defend the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. See Post HRC 2 hours ago. See Post 6 hours ago. See Post 23 hours ago.

See Post 19 hours ago. Court annuls San Francisco gay marriages California justices say mayor overstepped gay political endorsement louisiana Below: Other political news of note. Most active discussions votes comments. Search Most popular on msnbc. Defense of Marriage Act, Part 2.

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